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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gary Savage of Smart Money Tracker

Over the years, I have tried various stock market advisor services. I have pretty much given up on most of them. The one paid advice that I still pay attention to is Gary of the Smart Money Tracker.

I do have Elliot Wave International, McHugh, and I used to have Tim Wood of Cyclesman among other trade advice. I do listen to several free services still.

But for paid investing advice, I am really down to Gary. While I don't always agree with Gary, I agree most with Gary out of all of the services.

Gary was interviewed, and it's well worth a listen to what he has to say about Precious Metals.
I am a little surprised that he is down on energy, I see Peak Oil combined with Asia demand driving prices higher.

Click here to go to the Contrary Investor Cafe and listen.

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