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Monday, July 26, 2010

Harry Dent Pontifications

One of the market pontificators I pay for is Harry Dent, who puts out the HSDent report. Out of all the people I pay for, I am most skeptical of Mr. Dent. His history is littered with what seems like shots that 1/2 time work out, and 1/2 time are disastrously wrong. I by nature distrust anyone who's seemingly primary goal is to monetize market pontification at a public scale.

To his credit, over a year ago, he predicted the market top would be near the 2010 summer, and it would be time to sell the market. And over the weekend, he issued a warning that now is the time to sell and brace for a significant leg lower.

I am not sold (yet) this is what is in store, but it is quite possible.
His target is DOW down to 8000-8500 before a bounce of a yet to be determined target. His subscription is available here.
My primary recommendation for market prognosticator is Blogger Gary of Smart Money Tracker .

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