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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Banks CEOs tell Obama they run the show

In what I consider a real slap in the face, a few bank CEO's at the last minute excused themselves from meeting with President Obama, with some flimsy excuses.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Citigroup chairman Dick Parsons, and Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack all skipped out on a scheduled dressing-down today from Barack Obama because "inclement weather" made it physically impossible for them to travel to Washington.

In my 20 years of traveling, I have missed one appointment due to flight issues. No matter what happens, I scramble to work around a flight issue, and I do NOT have access to a private corporate jet. I have flown into neighbor cities and drove to locations. For important meetings I always fly in the night before the meeting to allow for problems and recover.

Apparently these 3 CEO's left zero room for error for the meeting with the president, and a flight issue caused them to not show up. I wonder how come their corporate jets weren't able to fly instead of taking a commercial flight.

Nice try Obama, you don't run the country, the banks do.
But this does give me optimism, perhaps Obama is a quick learner, and is starting to get more firm with the banks behind the scenes.

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