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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lottery Tickets - 3 weeks later

On March 5th, three weeks ago, I posted time to buy lottery tickets. At this point the market has run up so much, so quick, its time to take some profits if you haven't already done so. This Friday I will hit 50% out of the lottery tickets, to lock in profits, and reduce my cost for the remaining shares.

I will likely not post again on lottery tickets, perhaps once a month or more, until I think the market has topped. But for me, this blog entry is fun to check on the lotto results.
The purchase price is assumed to be the day of the post, 3/5/09 . (posted at 12:01 am)

Stock 3/5/9 3/26/9 Percent Gain
AA 5.25 8.12 54.7%
F 1.81 2.94 62.4%
GE 6.66 10.9 63.7%
LVS 1.99 3.12 56.8%
MGM 1.89 3.09 63.5%
DRYS 3.54 5.12 44.6%
C 1.02 2.81 175.5%

I also mentioned "small miners" and they did great too. So returns did awesome for 3 weeks. I hope someone reading this blogged joined me in this stock lotto, and made a little extra.

The market has risen so fast, I will hold most of my other positions, but may take "just a little" off the table Friday.

Great Video from England, thanks to both John & Swan for submitting. Many parallels to the USA here.

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