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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the News

Conseco's survival in question My Spin - I'll break my own rule and comment. I like Conseco, and hope they can get through this.
S&P cuts Hartford Financial Services to 'BBB'
GE Capital Default Swaps Climb to Record on Capital Concern - My Spin - How long until the US Government starts selling Credit Default Swaps?
Bernanke rips AIG - says nothing makes him angrier - My Spin - Apparently not angry enough to stop the flow of infinite cash.
S&P Downgrades Bank Of America Ratings
China moving to buy more oil, See example here - My Spin - USL is one of the possible good ways to get in on oil long-term.
Pressure to reveal major AIG counter parties grows - My Spin - Article said "Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, UBS AG and Deutsche Bank AG " I'm guessing under Bush administration huge chunk went to Goldman Sachs. I have no facts but lets see how accurate I am as this unfolds.......
Toyota, Facing First Loss in 59 Years, Seeks Loans From Japan - My Spin - Japanese government BETTER demand the car workers get benfits cut! Damn inefficient laborers! If Japan "loans" money to Toyota, will America take the high road and bankrupt GM?!? (anyone else see the irony?)
Bernanke Says U.S. May Need to Expand Bank Rescue - My Spin - Bernanke said he had his fingers crossed when he indicated the last time he asked for money that was all he needed.
U.S. Jan. pending home sales down 7.7%, realtors say - My Spin - This is just plain ridiculous. There has to be a counter trend rally to collapsing home sales....then continue the collapse.

This interview with Jim Rogers is the most in-depth of all I have seen.
I'll try not to post any more of Jim rogers, as this interview should EXHAUST all of Jim Roger's views. Video 1 below, click here for two and three.

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