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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stock call shout-outs in review

I went back and reviewed some of my calls. I stated likely end of decline Thursday, so I assume if you where in these stocks, the appropriate shift would have taken place.

PNC 8/23/08 - stated short at 72, 11/21/08 low: 40, net profit 32 bucks a share (44%)
(Naturally, I got shaken out of my own trade, and made less than 10 bucks a share).
BAC 8/23/08 - stated short at 30, 11/20/08 low: about 10.50, profit: 19.50 a share (65%)
WFC 8/23/08 - stated short at 30, 11/20/08 low: about 21, profit: 9.00 a share (30%)
GDX 10/22/08 - stated buy GDX at around 19 (went to 17) current, 23, profit: 4 (21%) (NOTE: keep for 100% profit or more before selling 1/2 of the position, keep rest for 200% or trend change)
I didn't recommend, but wrote high risk to reward August 21st for SKF @ 130 a share, assuming you sold it on Thursday at 260 a share (Went to 300 Friday), profit 100%. (I got out when shorting financials where banned, unfortunately)
I didn't have enough guts to make these full plays myself, but I did catch all of them for some profit.

NOTE: I am not a financial adviser, I'm a software developer. Therefore do your own research and I take zero responsibility for your actions. Be prepared to lose all your money without doing your own due-diligence. All stock purchases discussed are trend plays, not multi-year investments.
I do recommend any resource plays (gold minders, example) to purchase blog "Smart Money Tracker" for detailed daily research analysis.

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