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Monday, February 9, 2015

What other games are there in town?

I am starting to pull away from Gold Miners, yea, if your reading this, it's long overdue.
I went into Oil companies big couple weeks ago, its nice to see green on the screen.
Right now I am looking at Natural Gas, 3x ETF GASL if 4 bucks, and 1X ETF UNG is 13.  I may not get any as Natural Gas has not been good to me in the past.

then there is tech, many stocks have been taking a hit, but rebounding in last couple of weeks, like Amazon or Microsoft.   I can't see buying Microsoft at this time, but most top line tech is always good.

Looking back, simply buy the obvious is best, anything else is an outsiders bet.
I am still in gold miners, but not looking (ever?) to add, good luck!

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