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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Robotic army advancing, deflationary forces accelerate

The sheer reason why the dollar and fiat currencies will not implode is that we will continue to have people increase in unemployment, lower wages, and generally people getting poorer.
As the money printing increases, there is NO WAY to force the money to the people, outside of government handouts in benefits.  The extra money of course, will continue to flow in those who own the technological infrastructure that is killing off jobs.  For those calling foul of politics why top 1% is accelerating in wealth, one has to only look at who will own the future robot army to see how wealth continues to concentrate.

I present to you different developments, click on each to watch the video or go to the article.
Keep in mind, technology gets 100% faster every 18 months for a lower price.

Robots are in use in Germany airport today to park your car.
Driverless taxi's are being deployed in the UK in 2015.  Robots already drive mining trucks.  In a decade I am sure 75% of transportation driving jobs will be lost.
Robots taking over restaurant jobs in China.  Apparently Chinese wait staff make too much money.
As wages rise for low cost workers, this will force acceleration of robot workers replacing fast food workers.
Not just low cost workers are being hit, Anesthesiologists making upwards of 300,000 a year are being replaced.
Associated Press will employ Robotic writers to create 1,00's of business articles each year.
Sports writers are already being replaced by robots, will readers notice?
I personally ate at a bar/restaurant in LaGuardia airport with no waiters, using tablets to handle ordering and paying for food.  A food runner dropped off the food to your table.
Amazon is leading the way of using robots to run their warehouses.
Robots are being used to do artistic work, such as writing music, and create paintings.
As I posted previously, robots are building houses at a fraction of the cost, 10 simple houses in 1 day in china.  Want a traditional house? Employ a robot bricklayer.
Bartending, Soldiers, Farming, Housekeeping, are also seeing robot army approaching.
I predict 10,000's of well paying jobs in corporate data centers will be downsized as operations move to centralized cloud hosting.
And of course, my favorite robot, Baxter.  A general purpose robot equivilant of the PC of the 80's, easy to program simply by showing it what to do.

This video highlights the massive deflationary forces the world faces.

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