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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crypto Currencies

I am diving into Crypto currencies, and there seems to be a few at the top.

From basic browsing the top 4 buzz crypto currencies are in order below:
Bitcoin is the original Crypto currency with wide support.
Litecoin , created by a Google employee, it has a wide base support
Quark , seems to be one with some buzz out there right now as stable.  Quark price chart vs USD
Ripples , next biggest market cap to Bitcoin.

To view over 95 Crypto-currencies market caps and prices, click here at coinMarketCap.com.
Here is a chart for some of the popular Virtual Currencies.  Quite clearly there is significant action.  Click to add bitcoin and litecoin to chart.

I should be done connecting to coinbase.com this week, I already connected to the virtualworld currency exchange.

Once I figure out the best places to connect to, I'll do a post on what they are, and how to start sprinkling some cash in these things.

You have to know that this is the right thing, simply because Russia has banned it and USA has not.  I am not one of those America does everything right, but when it comes to fighting change or adopting and taking advantage of new opportunities, USA clearly is the leader between the two.

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