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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GDX call option activity

I had a bid in to buy 20 (2000 shares) of GDX call options for strike of 35 in 2015.
Basically, for $1k, at anytime GDX is worth more than 35.50 in jan 2015, get all profits.
Alternately sell if the option is worth more in the year ahead.

Today, I saw some insane volume with this option.  interpret as you wish.
Over $500K in options in this one level alone exchanged hands.
See below.  Good luck

Monday, December 23, 2013

100 Years ago Fed Created, Israel meeting to dismantle the system

The Federal Reserve bank started 100 years ago today.  To read up on how the Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution, came about click here.

I have written already on how I think the next currency should evolve, using private enterprise in post titled Ideal form of Money, Power to the People.  However, getting there does NOT have to be a 'revolution', it can be an 'evolutionary' process.

Israel Monetary Change Movement is making noise about how to overhaul the system.  At the heart is the uneven power in banks to create money and the power of corruption in politics.  I am skeptical that this movement will gain enough momentum to make significant change, but who knows.

Hopefully a debt-free society can emerge for public money.  I have covered before how tricky this is, often this can lead to hyperinflation or currency collapse.

Bill Still covers this event.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cautiously Optimistic for Gold Miners

I am cautiously optimistic the worst is behind us for gold miners.
I have more than I should in gold miner options, and all things gold miners.
Good luck!
GDX - 22.03
GDXJ - 30.90
GLD  -121.82
RGLD - Royal gold Mining - 47.50
NEW - Newmont - 24.18

Tripple GLD - NUGT - not a good long term investment - 30.59

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Catching falling knives

Trying to catch a bottom or sell at a top of the stock market is impossible.
The Gold call I made is still a question to be resolved.
By Friday the 13th I suspect we will get our answer, this blood letting may not be over.
GDX sits at 20.67, BELOW my gift call.  More of a gift? I haven't got a  clue.