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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time to buy Gold miners, try number 3

With the multi-month blood letting on gold miners, and gold, I think we are close to a bottom if not already passed.

Even if gold and miners reverse from here, how much farther can it fall?
In the 2008 crash GDX hit around 15 for a day or two, and traded around 17-20 for a bit before moving much higher.

Below are the charts for gold and GDX.  If you can stomach it, now is the time to get in.
Actually last two weeks was, and I went in early myself.
I think with Gold gaping above the trend, and GDX and GDXJ heading for the trend reversal, it is looking like a good time. (GDXJ is gold miners/silver miners, smaller cap)

Don't expect a straight line up, both could get a nice punch down after such a good rally.

And to boot, my friend Happy John who hasn't traded in gold miners for years, went in for a decent chunk.

As for overall stock market health, the last two bubbles lasted about 6 in 2000 the .dotcom bubble, then 5 years for housing, now its sovereign debt.  If history repeats the market is reaching the end of this bull run.  Even if the market fell apart tomorrow, again, how much lower can gold and gold miners go?

To the charts!

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