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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Government monitoring is not a surprise

Back in 2009, I called in post called "Increasing control by central authorities" a proposed law at that time giving the government legal permission to monitor user data.  I called out that this legalizes using technology to monitor it's citizens without warrant.

I posted similar concerns over the years since then, culminating in post of June 2012, Giving opinion, is it worth it?   In that post I call out how everything is subject to collection and analysis.  I call out how that this data will be used to profile you for the rest of your life, no matter how your own disposition changes.

Then in Feb 2013 in post "Future Tech - The Double Edged Sword" I point out how big data married with tech, such as Google glass, will bring unprecedented power to centralized authorities.  That at a mere glance you can be instantly profiled and singled out based upon criteria.

There are posts from other bloggers, like Karl Denninger on such technologies that can mass process data years ago for monitoring.

Sure, a person (Edward Snowden) says he has 'inside knowledge' that he is breaking the law to give to us.  This knowledge is frankly known before he broke the information if you are paying attention.  I believe that this event is political is spun to use against Obama (I am not a fan of Obama), rather than a real concern over US privacy.  If that was such a concern, the media would have highlighted when LAWS are proposed to invade privacy.  Instead they do not report important news, only when news is sensational and sells.

Even with this 'revelation', so? People will grow tired of it, and it will become the accepted fabric of society.
Until the 'revelation' that a Google glass product marries with face recognition and big data can instantly profile and single you out on questionable criteria.

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