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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am back! So are manufacturing jobs

I have been on a project that easily took 70+ hours per week to work on for the last several months.
The project is over, and I hope to ramp down my hours in the weeks ahead  back to 40 hours.

That opens up time to post!  I have much to say, from being quiet for so long. :)

Today I ran across an article that makes the argument that US manufacturing losing ground to China has hit bottom.  I agree.   Some of it is because of natural resource costs, a prime theme of this blog.  As resource costs increase, producing products locally may net save money due to logistic costs.

Another is China and India's rising wages, yet another theme on this blog.  I agree that China and India will net become 'richer' for the common person relative to the west, as I pointed out in The Big Picture.  This is the backdrop on why resources are rising.

One aspect the article mentions is innovation, USA has some advantages.  It doesn't mention specifically the maker revolution.  I covered this in Manufacturing Revolution Revisited , also on this blog.  I believe that is part of the story.

Good read, in a flurry of depressing economic news I post, its good to post positive developments.

Is US Manufacturing making a comeback?

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