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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Public Posting Opinion, is it worth it

Earlier this year I posted Giving Opinion, is it worth it .
In that post, I stated I need to roll back my posting on potentially harmful posts on my future self, or my family.  Specifically reducing or eliminating posts on Corruption, among other things.

Today I get a link the solidifies what I already knew.  The patriot act opened pandoras box to marry technology with government desire to control with unprecedented invasion of privacy.
Back when the Patriot Act was created, I discussed this with some coworkers.  Their view was we need to be kept safe, so its ok to erode civil rights in the name of saftey.

The logic being, its a large herd of people, and in the crowd it won't affect me.  The net should make it safer for me, with occasional unwarranted casualty.  The problem with this logic is what is 'reasonably' ok today can quickly turn on a dime to be not ok.  But once the tools are in place, curbing mis-use of tools will take a force GREATER than those using the tools.

So while all is well, and I do not believe I, or anyone is under immense threat to free speech, the groundwork is in fact, operational.

William Binney is 2012 Callaway award winner for civic courage.  An award given to a US citizen for take a public stance at some personal risk to advance truth and justice.

You can read his interview by clicking here, or watch video below.
With the view I have, the question is, is any public posting opinion post with any political implications worth it? In light 99% of Americans (including myself) will not be mobilized at all with this news available to change it.

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