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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shopping, Getting the Best Price Possible

If your looking for deals, I always recommend checking out Dealnews.com (click).  Its a news feed of best deals on the net.
The site also lists all black friday deals.  However, many of these deals are impossible to get.  I sometimes try for online sites, since there are no lines, just good timing.

Amazon has Lightning deals, the good stuff usually sells out in 60 seconds, so you have to be at your PC when it goes on sale. Good news is they tell you what goes on sale when, just not how much ahead if time.

For electronics, I alway check out Newegg.com, be sure to always look at reviews of the product before purchase.

If you go shopping, be sure to check out Wow-Coupons, and PRINT your coupon before you shop. Save!
For online coupons (Codes), I  use DealNews Coupons.

Even with all the tricks above to save, use a credit card with cash back, and save even more.
Well thats it, happy hunting for the best deals for stuff you need!  Save more by not buying it ;)

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