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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Market Musings

I am without internet access for foreseeable future at home.  This will severely impact my postings.
I'll try to post, but likely not in earnest until my access is restored.

Gary of the Smart Money tracker likes gold right here.  And GDX & GDXJ are holding up since my post "Decent Spot for Market Entry".  If the market can't make significant decline a week after the presidential election, my market optimism for gold miners will increase.

For now, if you wish to buy on the low, now is good, with eye on SPX 1395 as a mark to reconsider investments.
The S &P 500 has has a floor above 1400 since a week ago, October 23rd.

In a nutshell, nothing decisive yet.  Some minor technical breaks to indicate gold higher, but not impressive yet.  For actual real analysis, click on Gary's link, 10 buck special to try his service.

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