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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ronald Reagan Director of OM and Budget

David Stockman was Ronald Reagan's Director of Office Management and Budget, and was recently interviewed on effect of the Federal Reserve bank.  I completely agree centralized force trying to alter capitalistic cycles.  The Fed can distort the capital markets, but it cannot fix by meddling with loose monetary standards.

If the fed exists at all, it should intervene ONLY in a 2008 type event.  But the irony is 2008 event wouldn't have happened if the Fed didn't blow that credit bubble in the first place.  Sorta like a pyro who's dayjob is fireman.   Justifying one's job by putting out your own fires.

I don't dislike the fed because of bankers, or top 1%.  I dislike the fed because a small group of people in power cannot contain capitalistic forces.  It's like trying to control evolution, something bigger than human kind.   The central authorities will be broken by technology, as I discussed before in post "Technology, the Ultimate destructor of inefficiencies"

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