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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Northern Dynasty falls apart - NAK

Northern Dynasty had a great run in Feb 2011, reaching a high of 21.
It has had a steady decline since then, but the stock character changed starting early March.
The stock flatlined in March and April, and resumed a decline in May.
Yesterday it completely fell apart, due to EPA announcement of possible damage to worlds largest Salmon fishery, closing at 2.55.

The stock may bounce a little, but I can't see any substantial recovery (above 6 bucks) until this matter is resolved.  And worst case, could go to zero if fined heavy enough.

I posted on NAK before, last I could find mention is April 2011, as part of basket of miner stocks.

My last overall post on stocks was negative, and has been since September 2011.  Granted the market didn't comply and moved up further, but I remain cautious.

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