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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

US Dollar Strong

I have been fairly bullish of the USD in the near term.  In the future, the low of May 2011 for the USD will be a watermark level for future questions of US Dollar as a storage of wealth.
On the index I watch, that is a level of 73 on the index.

So why is the USD gaining strength?
My spin is Europe being exposed as a fragile economic model that arguably is worse off than the US.  And China's well covered Real Estate pyramid scheme has finally been popped.
Japan continues to try to devalue it's currency, and it's economy is not a growth leader.
knocking those countries out as having the strength to drive their currencies higher.

The USD, being the world currency, enjoys the benefit of others failure.
As I have written before, 2013-2017 will be the time period for USD crisis, for now, party on! Cash is King!

Chart of USD advancement since May 2011 below.
A strong USD makes an advancing market problematic.  I am amazed actually how well the US market has held up.  Gold also should suffer some setbacks in a strong USD advancement.

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