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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Libertarian Presidential Debate

The two candidates in the debate are  Bill Still and Carl Person.   I have posted on Bill Still in the past.  This debate is excellent to hear provoking thought on a wide range of topics.  With that said, I have an issue voting for either candidate, out of concern of being strong enough to lead a nation.  Their brutal honesty and "reasonableness" pretty much make them not leaders of nations.

At marker 26:26, Bill still makes a very fundamental point, that enslaves the US citizens and government.
At around 1 hour and 9 minutes, Bill shows how extreme he is, stating end fractional reserve lending "in a year".  Quite insane thought that fast, and that extreme.
At 1:11, excellent question about people control using fear.

In the end, both are very one dimensional candidates, and too extreme, and I doubt can handle the pressure of leading a nation.  But that does not diminish their ideas that are worth pursuing.

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