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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Most disturbing video I have seen in years

As I have repeated, China is not the world economic savior of the world in the near future.  I  think there will be a revolution of sorts in China, and the rebirth may be a rival for world leader.  Apparently a Mish reader hopes so.

The first driver in the video didn't come down, but tried to kill the little girl instead, because he knew that killing someone in an accident would probably involve a lump sum and maybe sometime in the prison, whereas being responsible for her medical bills would mean bankrupting his family. The legal system, which is enacted by and for the governing elites, is inefficient (at best) and corrupted, especially any level of governments are involved (and they are involved in almost everything). From their own observations, many people lose hope; many turn cynical; and even more just become numb. Avoiding uncertainty at all cost is not a bad strategy to protect oneself.

A media friend of ours who lives in Shanghai calls the current time in China "The Carnival before the Judgement Day". And indeed tension if built up inside and I won't be surprised it hits a wall soon. Unlike many more patriotic Chinese, I do not want China to become a new world power soon - at least not in the current form. The still growing economy is the only legitimacy left for this system to maintain in power, and I am actually hoping for an economic hard landing in China if that's what takes to wake people up to challenge the status quo for the better.

Click the link above for the full Mish article, and video.  It's moments like this that remind me how quickly and low people will sink once the conditions for self preservation surmount moral decency.

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