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Monday, October 24, 2011

European Union, the 20th Deadline to resolve is Wednesday

Wednesday's deadline for the Eurpean union to resolve their sovereign debt, after a string of deadlines for over a year to resolve, is now in focus this week for the markets.

I haven't commented much since I was so confident zero would get done, and I was right.
But this week, there may be a peep, I doubt final answer on the European crisis.   But we may actually get some foothold of the new reality out of Europe this week.

We could hear it Wednesday, but I suspect just one more kick the can into Friday for an announcement.
In any event, this is a crucial decision of Europe that will shape all of western countries next couple of years.   I just don't believe the right thing will be done.  Instead I expect more paper games to cover the crisis, until the crisis gets so big, no European country can avoid the vortex created.

It just boils down to take your medicine now, or wait until Europe is on the hospital operating room with a massive near fatal heart attack to see the outcome.

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