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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday Ben Bernanke talks, does it matter?

I am very concerned of market reaction Friday and next week after Ben Bernanke speaks. Last year, he talked he announced QE2. Those watching some are predicting QE3 and market rally, others think market will resume fall disappointed in announcement.

I am thinking we will have a muted reaction. Quite likely some decent volatility, but in a week markets will actually be reasonably stabilized. In a nut shell, The Federal Reserve Bank has taken extreme measures and will perpetually do so to avoid an all out market collapse like 2008.

So where does that leave investing? Well, you can simply walk away and not watch resource stocks and in two years or so I still think it works out well as an investment. For those trying to play market timing games, Gold/Silver should fall nicely, and look for buying with a 200 dollar fall or so in gold. Asia today has raised margins, as the world banks gang up on gold.
I am dismayed in their actions, for they give credence to the thought that gold is somehow something to fear against fiat currencies. The world banks should simply treat gold as a non-entity and ignore gold. But politics around Gold continue from the human race's history.

Bottom line: I will likely lighten up positions between now and Friday, and try to sit on my hands for a week or a month until things become less volatile.

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