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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Congress are a bunch of ineffective wimps

This is a political post, feel free to ignore if not interested.

When President Obama started Military action in Libya, that was a legal act. However, according the the US constitution, he must seek congressional approval after 90 days. This Friday apparently marks 90 days.

So what does some of the congressional members intend to do to enforce the US constitution? Why sue of course!

Sue? Are you kidding me? Really? Congress will "sue" the US president for not OBEYING the US Constitution. Really? This is how we enforces laws?

To me its pretty simple, the constitution has checks and balances. And the check here is only ONE entity has the right to approve spending US taxpayer dollars, congress. Quote "No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law"

The right action isn't to get lawyers and take this to court, and try to resolve this before January 21st, 2013. The right thing is to DO YOUR JOB! Cut off funding. By not cutting off funding Congress is supporting the action.

This is NOT a question if I am for or against Libya action, it is immaterial. This is about our leaders lacking the willpower, the strength, the character to do their job.

Get lawyers and sue....really? I wonder how they handle their kids spending their allowance to buy drugs. Shake their finger and say "bad" while giving them more money?

What a joke, and anyone believes this congress is capable of getting the US fiscal situation in order is delusional. There is only one way the financial situation ends, in total crisis due to lack of leadership.

There is NO LAW if there is no law ENFORCEMENT.

Congress...grow up, do your job, be adults and leaders.

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