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Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Week in Charts

I am of the belief that a multi-month, if not year long market decline has now begun.
Even if markets hit new highs, I have a hard time believing it can levitate for a few more months.

One good long, as always, is Gold (can use etf GLD). I will be placing some longs on Gold Monday, as per Gary's recommendation (pay to read his analysis). Once gold makes a new top, I may bail on these new gold positions.

For higher risk takers, can buy DGP (double gold ETN)

Otherwise I am out of most stuff...and I am doing something I couldn't even think of doing in the last year....SLOWLY adding shorts!

Best place for shorting ideas is TheSlopeOfHope.

For me, the shorts I am looking at are:
Din, HXM, ODP, XLI, ..... and a crappy short, DECK.

Possibly some double inverse stocks such as DXD, etc.
Could buy FAZ , or short FAS, but these are much much riskier.

But the best is fixed interest, and for one of the best ideas, re-read the guest post from John Chinnock (click).

Today I am doing just one chart.

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