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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dollar Breaking down, Gold Breaking up

The USD is breaking down Thursday night, but hasn't made new lows. I expect the USD to make new all time lows vs western currencies in the next few weeks.

The world will call for the final demise for the USD.....and it is possible, although not probable, that the USD enters into an all out crisis in the near term.

But my thoughts are we'll have a drummed up crisis, with lots of noise, but no real bite. For the world is interconnected to the USD too tightly still. When Gary of the Smart Money Tracker spots a near term bottom in USD, I am hitting the bids hard. Even if gold and resources continue to rise, I am OK with missing the last "10%" move.

I will always keep a solid core of gold miners straight into 2016, but I'll dump the non-core. For now, its steady as she goes, all in on natural resources as the USD tanks.

And hey, it is possible the USD does go into a serious crisis, and if it does, natural resources is well positioned to weather the storm.

And the beating the USD is taking (click).

And no matter what, AVL is going higher in my opinion, to about 12 bucks a share. Good start on that today jumping 10% to 9.50.

Good luck out there.

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