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Sunday, April 10, 2011

1,000th Blog Post

Holly heck! I have reached my 1,000 th blogpost in WebSurfinMurf.blogspot.com, 999 days after the first post August 14th, 2008. Seemed like I averaged more than 1 a day over that period...well I guess technically I did!

When I started this blog in 2008, it was in frustration that I could not communicate the serious financial situation the US and the world was facing. Instead of ranting like a raged lunatic to every person I met, I figured best to find a more constructive outlet.

And in August 14 2008, this blog was born with first post titled "Welcome to my new blog".

Even though I work in IT, I hadn't done any social media until that day. Also, being a computer guy, I am not the best at writing. This should be painfully obvious by reading my first 12 posts compared to more recent posts.

I have found this blog to provide many benefits, including
  • A way to vent, keep my pontifications in person to a much lower volume
  • Improved my writing skills
  • Provided a way to "keep me honest". I see too many people in this realm of market pontifications and global economics who skew facts to fit their current view. This blog keeps an honest account of my thoughts.
  • Useful for myself , like a diary, to reflect back and use for current view / analysis
  • Learned additional technical skills, if only marginally, by exploring various web tools and widgets.
  • I hope it has provided some insight to those who read it, to help them prepare for what is to come, if only in a small way.
  • Kept me focused at the awaking of what we face back in 2006 and continues to unfold in what will be a decade long ordeal. (2006 to 2016?)
I am sure I can figure out quite a few more benefits. But I hope those who do read this blog find some value out of it, as I do.

I don't want to hit 2,000 posts, I really do want to cut down my posting to once a week, but I haven't yet settled my mind into the key markers I want to strictly observe.

I find it ironic that the market is higher than when I started this blog. I continue to be concerned over the world economics as I did back then. After 1,000 posts, my best post, most comprehensive to date of my view is "Why Natural Resource assets is better investment than US Bonds"

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