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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Small Proof that Technology will break the US financial system

In my blog post in October titled, "Technology, the ultimate destructor of inefficiency", I detailed my view on how the old guard of humans controlling the economy using processes created 80 years ago would lose to technology. Good old Ben Bernanke and government central control of financial markets cannot compete with billion dollar investment firms creating computer systems to suck the system dry of money. That in effect, Technology will win, and the system will lose.

Quote taken from Zero hedge below, Please click through to get the full article and listen to the interview. It is refreshing to see the internet get out insider view of what is a complex and high stakes game being played.

How the average trader is destined to lose in today's market, while the big banks & HFT firms who can afford to win the arms race are making essentially-guaranteed profits.

Folks we are not victims to the system, unless we allow it. Only if we demand to change processes will this be stopped. And since people are reactionary I don't see that occurring. So I see a crisis far worse than 2008 in our future, as the arms race escalates until the system breaks.

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