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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger Roundup

Some excellent commentary and analysis out, I picked some highlights.

Hussman Funds
Rich Valuations and Poor Market Returns - Last week, the S&P 500 Index ascended to a Shiller P/E in excess of 24 (this "cyclically-adjusted P/E" or CAPE represents the ratio of the S&P 500 to 10-year average earnings, adjusted for inflation). Prior to the mid-1990's market bubble, a multiple in excess of 24 for the CAPE was briefly seen only once, between August and early-October 1929. Of course, we observed richer multiples at the heights of the late-1990's bubble, when investors got ahead of themselves in response to the introduction of transformative technologies such as the internet.

The most important days since March 6, 2009 - My spin - check this post out, if anything for the chart dating back to the last great depression. Interesting.

Zero Hedge
World Bank President Zoellick Says Surging Food Prices Have Pushed 44 Million People Into Extreme Poverty - My spin - yep, and it will get worse, and more countries will fall. Next topic.

Acting Man
A Blow Against Monetary Rectitude - Germany ECB president, a staunch believer central banks role should be to protect the value of money, has resigned. A good rant about the implications as yet another force to guard fiat currencies is gone.

Market Ticker
How Badly Are We Screwed? Very. - Summary in charts of debt problems and economy.


Smart Money Tracker
The Silver Bull - Good chart analysis of Silver by Gary

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