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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bill OReilly interviews Obama

I am not a huge Obama fan, mainly because I don't see much change from Bush in his policies.
I am immensely unhappy with the federal budget and of not being proactive to ensure the law is strictly enforced with upper end financial companies.

But I have to say, Bill O'Reilly is an unprofessional interviewer with Obama. After this video I have more respect for Obama and I even more disapproval of O'Reilly. I am ashamed to admit I used to watch O'Reilly for a short period (month or two) years ago. What a prick.

Worst part is O'Reilly condescending surprise that Obama knows football at the end. Can't even be positive or supportive of Obama on such a stupid topic.

If O'Reilly even once for the rest of his life criticizes others for not being patriotic, I suggest he go back and watch this video and point his opinionated eye at himself.

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