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Friday, September 17, 2010

Gold, ETF GDX and GDXJ breaking out

Since 2002 there is only one area of investment that I am aware of that has been on a bull run, and that is Gold. We are now witnessing gold making new highs, gold miners making new highs. It is increasingly likely gold will go on a parabolic to the upside. Right here and now, a person can invest and take on risk of about 10% loss by placing a stop at the trend lines depicted below. The upside is increasingly likely to be over 50%, and if this goes parabolic, could net 100 to 500% before it terminates. (assuming a parabolic run ever starts)

Seek a registered financial advisor before buying Gold, Gold miners, etc. But if considering it, act, don't wait. What will happen is you will say to yourself "when this pulls back, ill buy". Well if the parabolic run does start, the risk of loss will increase, and you will not find a foothold to buy.
In any case, to the charts!

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