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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time to buy Stocks?

The market bounce the bloggers was looking for looks like fizzled. Now its a matter of the market closing ABOVE S&P 500 level of 1040 and staying above there. A close below really should get people's attention that the downward movement will continue.

But gold is on a tear, so are the gold miners. While the market falls, they rally.
I am into gold, gold miners, and some shorts. Its nice for a change when everything is going your way. So I assume that I will soon have everything go against me. :(

Anyway, if gold closes much higher, it is really worth the risk to get in and hold tight. Gold miners possibly also (check out GDX, GDXJ)

The best blogger for buying precious metals is Gary at the Smart Money tracker. Buy into his service today!

Keep in mind, an all out deflationary collapse where the market goes 50% lower from here is real. Those who discount this possibility are counting on the US government to print even more money and give it away. They can right now, US bond rates are moving lower. But those in power must realize if they do, they are loading a gun for a possible currency collapse. Really no body knows which poison pill they will choose. Either deflationary collapse and rebuild, or US dollar collapse and US government possibly insolvent. I am still in the deflationary camp, but quick to change to the US dollar collapse route.

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