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Monday, January 11, 2010

Unavailable first half of this week

I will be unavailable to post on this blog through Wednesday, but I may be able to find some time.

The markets soaring on an already over-extended run, farther than the 1930's, is disturbing to say the least. What we now face, due to the interference on a grand scale by the world governments is one of two "broad" scenarios. A large market correction, over months or many years, or currency crisis.

The currency crisis will be in the form of currency devaluation to a new low, and that will send commodities, something that the world is competing for, into a price surge up. Ironically, that is the theme I starting talking about in the fall of 2008, and why back then I bought gold miners (but didn't hold).

Gary of the market ticket expands on this thought, and pretty much says doing chart patterns is idiotic. If inflation does come, in the form of currency depreciation, the markets returning will look like a party until the bill comes. Then through the face of rocketing resource prices, then the market will fall.

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