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Sunday, November 22, 2009

US Debt Clock

Take a little time this Sunday AM to look at the USDebtClock.org site.
They have added some new information, and when you put your cursor over an item, it now tells you the source for that information. Citing each piece of data's source is a great addition, and one that is made much easier using the internet.


Some day, what I think years from now, when the US dollar does finally implodes or to prevent the dollar from imploding US interest rates skyrocket, people will be outraged how did this happen? It's easy, no one cared about the facts of US government financial's. The US Government was treated like an infinite source of wealth. When in reality, it is an infinite source of debt.

I keep wondering, what is the magic tipping point, 100% of GDP in debt, 200%? 10,000%? There has to be a bottom for credit-worthiness.

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