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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Short News roundup

McDonald's Skinner says customers in 'retreat mode'
McDonalds leaving Iceland because of currency collapse - My Spin - If the US does the same thing, wonder if they will stay....
GMAC Asks for Fresh Lifeline - My spin - I want 3 Billion or I'll declare bankruptcy
Apollo Group says SEC starts probe, 4Q profit down - My Spin - I am shocked the University of Phoenix owner may have financial irregularities. Online university degrees represent highest integrity of education.
Citibank rumored to offer clients huge discounts to pay part of their balance(43%) (zerohedge blog)
Russian Banks Count Pigs, Lingerie as Collateral - My Spin - Maybe its time I deposit my savings into a russian bank, I trust a pigs value over CDO and MBS. ;)
Edward Pinto: The Government's Loan Modification Numbers Are A Total Sham - My Spin - Translation more mortgage failures to come, housing prices to fall.
Freddie Mac Annualized Defaults Hit Record High At 7.3%
Mortgage loan application volume, decreased 12.3 percent

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