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Monday, October 26, 2009

Comparing trends 1929 vs 2009

Today I posted some 2009 graphs for week of 10.25.09, then I got to thinking, what if I took the graph from 1929 I posted on Thursday and added trend lines to see what I got.

Well, it isn't pretty. If the 1929 "trend lines" somehow repeat in 2009-2010, the market has quite a bit more umph in it to the upside. Warning, today we are not on the gold standard, fiat currencies, plus micro-second response time to markets. So drawing exact parallels is dangerous. But it does give pause for me about when this market will roll over.

But NOTE: From a percent re-tracement, we have already exceeded the rebound in 1929-1930, 65% vs 52%. From this perspective we are over-due for a market retreat, so its anyone's guess.

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