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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nerve Wrecked Friday

Some of the bloggers I read are expecting significant changes in the market Friday/Monday. The market has been moving in a reasonable range for a couple of weeks now. (SPX 1000-1040).

I updated my "welcome new visitors" link above on this blog with this information:

Video View *** A MUST For Everyone **

This video series gives a great synopsis of many global and US economic issues. It is a MUST for anyone new to this blog. This video was created by Chris Martenson, a pay-for-blogger. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS GREAT VIDEO SERIES.

This video so far (I am up to chapter 13 of 20) seems excellent video for everyone. I'll be featuring the video in my Saturday Video post.

Good luck, and have a good Friday/Weekend.

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