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Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to sell the long stocks

I have been advising to buy resource stocks. At one time buying lottery tickets for the "long" side. However, if the market does turn, some of the long stocks have gone quite far.

Lottery ticket AA (Original purchase recommendation 5.25, now at 12.22) rocketed up, putting a stop loss or selling now is fine.

Long commodities such as Oil stocks (DXO, USL), food (RJA), gold miners? Well, we had a great run, and Gold will run much higher. But it is a case of too much too fast. If you can't stomach watching the miners retreat, time to sell some.

It is time to take the longs off the table, or at least a percent. If you have the stomach, short. If not sit in cash. Be ready to buy gold miners as it falls, pick your spots.

I have a sneaking suspicion you will see a very large bear on the screen in my next stock post. Even if it isn't "tomorrow" you are playing chicken with a large bear.

Below is an emotional picture on investing, where do you feel about the longs you have held since SPX 666? (Thanks to Gary of Smart Money Tracker for image idea, original source I think was "The Big Picture")

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