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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It is all about US Bonds

I have been indicating the real action isn't in the stock market, it is in US Treasury interest rates.
And this week, the US Treasury is auctioning off more debt, to see the offerings, click here, and results click here.

As you can see on the US Treasury 10 year bond below, interest rates are threatening to hit levels before the market collapse. If the bond markets continue to rise, the likely course of action is for the government to pull liquidity out of the market and start another stock market decline. The bond market has been volatile the last 4 weeks.

Karl of the Market Ticker posted his spin on the steps everyone should start taking immediately, I recommend you read it (click).

In any event, what this means is the market will continue to be very volatile, and in my opinion this will not end well. I URGE you when you have 50 minutes to click here and watch a MISH video, it will be featured on my Saturday Video post this week.

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