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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Stock Plays link on Blog

I added to the right of this blog a permanent link to show the current stock plays. I plan to change the format of this Google spreadsheet over time. My next change is to remove "old plays" and record the performance of those plays when I exited them.

This exercise helps me focus on my entry and exit points, and keep me "honest" with myself on my own stock plays. Someday, it may become a painful record of a catastrophic blowup, but that's the chances you take when you play with stocks, or anything but physical gold. :)

I also added target prices to exit the positions. I reserve the right to panic like a little scared girl out of these positions at anytime without notice.

Speaking of gold, the US approved the IMF to dump 400 tons of gold onto the open market. This is great news. At somepoint the IMF will run out of gold and the governments will not be able to influence it's price. At that time I expect draconian laws that forbid gold ownership and other restrictions. For now, I'll stick to the gold miners.

For those naysayers that Gold is not money (which it isn't actually), why does the International Monetary fund have over 3,000 tons of gold? Because precious metals and fiat currencies do have a historical relationship that can't be ignored.

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