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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to buy stocks or sell?

If you listen to the mass media, your stupid to not buy stocks. I am long stocks, but restricted to natural resource related sector. Think it is a good time to buy stock in companies like the GAP, Bed Bath, and Beyond, Netapp, etc?

Instead of listening to what people say about companies, look at what the "insiders" are doing with their stock, and that is selling. Read this article for more in depth explaination by clicking here.

The S&P 500 has jumped 28 percent in 33 trading days, the sharpest rally since the 1930s, on speculation the longest recession since World War II will soon end. This market rise has yielded the biggest insider selling level since 2007 .

Caught long? Consider selling 20% here TODAY! If the market goes up to DOW 9K, sell another 20%, 10K, another 20%. If today is the top for the next 10 years, you'll be glad you sold 20%, if the market rises, you'll be glad you have 80% left to capture the rise.

But make no mistake, the odds are we will see DOW 4K before we see DOW 14K.

Thanks to Bob for article.

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