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Monday, April 6, 2009

Shorting Stock Trade

One of the pay services I listen to is the bullz and the bearz.
He made a compelling argument for shorting a bunch of stocks at these levels.
I liked three of them. BBY, BAP, and SBAC.

I won't go into detail of where to short, what is the levels, targets etc.
To get that, please pay Kirk his pound of flesh, only 4.99 a month, a STEAL.
He has a video where he lays out his analysis. Good stuff. Dare I say it is better than my old standby Karl at the Market-Ticker blog for day-trading advice.

In any event, this blog is also to mark my trades. All 3 of these stocks I will roll into as a bigger short as the stocks move up, with an even higher ticket entered to cover if/when "Wrong".

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