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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Market Thoughts

I have been looking for a market turn around, and frankly, it seems there will not be one. Ever.

OK, maybe not ever. I do find it a positive development that gold is pulling back. That may indicate fear is turning down. Oil has been staying reasonably strong, keeping USL and OIH at reasonable levels. But the stock market just can't get its footing to make any sort of a come back.

Cash is best, as always. But at some point, the sellers will have sold, and all that will be left are the 401K people who have watched their savings become a 201K, and are holding for the "30 year" haul. Once the sellers lighten up, between now and DOW 2K ;), the market should have a decent rally.

I still have hope, but trying to risk less.

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