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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yawn...another day

I'm not going to bother with another spin of "near doom", blah blah blah. The market is still in the range of disaster, but higher than the recent lows.

It is and will remain a wait and see until the market gets some significant distance from the recent lows, or we penetrate with conviction across indices. If we do break down past the recent lows, probably at that point people will throw in the towel.

In the news:
Citi, U.S. Government Closer to Deal: Report - My Spin - Whats the delay? The government should mandate to take cash it gets 51% control of the company until it can clear its own valuation issues.
HomeBuilder Choice Homes to shutter operations - My Spin - Need about 50 more of these to help curb available homes, and slow down the real estate bust.
Bernanke Says There May Be Benefit to Uptick Rule - My Spin - You change the rules of the game, the players will punish you.......with a collapse How quickly they forget the result of short ban for financials.
Jefferson County, Alabama unable to make $636 million sewer debt payment due Friday - My Spin - Just a hick county that can't pay its obligations. My concern is the tital wave that follows them.

And for your viewing pleasure, Great information/viewpoint from Jim Rogers. Good view on Oil (hence USL), farming (hence RJA), central bank interference, and Russia. There is implied slant on investing in assets, and therefore "gold" also.

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