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Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Reality, news roundup

Obama states swift action is required to avert 10% unemployment (inferred) My Spin: Obama must have read my 2009 prediction post.
Governors urge congress to provide $1 Trillion in aid to 50 states My Spin: I saw this coming when the US took on Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae. Nice try, the states are behind the banks in priority currently.
Puerto Rico faces soaring deficit & crime rate My Spin: They are no different than the rest of the US states going bankrupt.
Berkshire Hathaway having worst performance in decades My Spin: The media loves to jump on the bashing of a success story, Mr. Buffett I guess it makes people feel good if they lost money, they are no worse than Mr. Buffett with investing.....
Ford sees 35% drop in sales for December My Spin: With so many cliff dives in Q4 2008, any recovery will be spun as bottom is in....
SEC doing their job, uncovering Ponzi schemes after Madoff debacle
California may not have money to pay citizens refunds My Spin: If the federal government is smart, they WONT let this happen, otherwise people will start to deliberately under pay taxes and owe at EOY.
Steel Industry wants a bailout My Spin: Steel is NOT too big to fail, only banks are. The american dream, 50% of americans employed by only banks...
Treasury drafts guidlines to back more Auto-industry companies My Spin: The bailout conga line knows no bounds.
US SEC chief regrets short selling ban My spin: He can go @#$%#%$ himself, and his #$$#@% regrets.
US officials admit difficulty tracking where 700 billion bailout money went My Spin: Taxpayer doesn't care, so why should the government? They voted for the congress people who supported the bill.
Trump interest payment extension expires My Spin: Anyone who invests in Trump deserves the losses they face.
China shrinks for 5th month on exports

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